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Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams
All This Time


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1. Desert Island Dreams
2. All This Time
3. Ride With Me
4. The Way You Make Me Feel
5. I Think About You
6. That’s All It Took
7. A Little Better
8. I Love You
9. We Done Earned It
10. Pretty and the Fair

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Love always. Love forever. Love until the end of time. The Great Cosmic Playlist is testimony to the endurance of an emotion that is easy to conjure, but hard to maintain. But for Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams, who have been coupled consciously since 1986, love is more than a pop song; they are the bards of the long term committed relationship.

“As soon as I saw her, I knew she was the one,” says Larry. That epiphany occurred in a Manhattan rehearsal studio. Teresa, an actress and vocalist not long removed from Peckerwood Point, TN, had been pulled into a singing contest. Larry, the New York City native with a burgeoning reputation for his virtuosity on any instrument with strings, was brought in to play pedal steel guitar. “For me, it was love at first note,” she says. Together they went on to capture a greater prize.

From the beginning, they shared a musical sensibility; Larry courted her with a Louvin Brothers mix tape. The more they played together, the deeper it grew. Whether it was Larry joining in on the music with Teresa’s family and neighbors under the tree in Tennessee where they were married (“Larry melded perfectly,” says Teresa), or Teresa belting bluegrass songs on the bus with Larry and the rest of Bob Dylan’s band as they traveled between gigs (“It was very fulfilling,” recalls Larry), the couple’s rapport grew richer. “I found a connection I had never experienced before,” says Larry. When Dylan’s manager, Jeff Kramer, suggested that they make hay with this natural duo, a thought was expressed out loud that had been already brewing in Larry’s head. But Larry wasn’t ready. “I had to start seeing myself as a singer and songwriter before I could take that step.’’ The couple took another decade, much spent playing with Levon Helm and his band at his legendary Midnight Rambles in Woodstock before Larry and Teresa elevated their rapport to the next level.

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CD, 180 Gram Classic Black Vinyl

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