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Seth Walker
LIVE at Mauch Chunk Opera House



1. Tomorrow
2. Fire In The Belly
3. Grab Ahold
4. Call My Name
5. Band Intros
6. High Time
7. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
8. In The Meantime
9. 2’ Left to the Ceiling
10. Way Past Midnight

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Live. Alive. Music is a two-way street. The back and forth. The uninhibited release and catch of a feeling. No fixes. The raw connection between the music and the listener. This is what Seth Walker has made a life and a living doing for the last 20 years. After nine albums, thousands of gigs, a slew of songwriting stabs, countless miles in a big ass van, this is his first LIVE album and he couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

Each night is different. Every performance has its own pulse. Where the moon is. Where the moon ain’t. The air in the room. The sound bouncing off a wall. The lighting. The shadows. The vibe. The whole thing can be elusive to capture, but he caught one. A LIVE one.

This album was recorded at Mauch Chunk Opera House in Jim Thorpe PA on a spring day in 2017. This beautiful historic venue was built in 1881. Seth and his band felt the mojo in the walls. They were deep into the ‘Gotta Get Back’ US Tour, so many of these songs are from that album, but they also stretch back to many of his earlier records with fresh takes. What was so special about this particular night, is that the recording was done unbeknownst to the musicians. A stealth recording if you will, by the good folks at the opera house. So Seth and company just played. No expectations. No red light fever or steering of the muse. A pure, uninhibited performance. The audience and the band. Just the way music should be.

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