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Chris Robinson & Rich Robinson
Brothers Of A Feather: Live At The Roxy


Track Listing:

Side A:
1. Horsehead
2. Cursed Diamond
3. Over The Hill
4. Magic Rooster Blues

Side B:
5. My Heart’s Killing Me
6. Forgiven Song
7. Someday Past The Sunset
8. Roll Um Easy

Side C:
9. Cold Boy Smile
10. Driving Wheel
11. Leave It Alone
12. Polly

Side D:
13. Darling Of The Underground Press
14. Thorn In My Pride

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In April 2006 during a break in The Black Crowes’ touring schedule, Chris and Rich Robinson performed a string of their first-ever full-length acoustic duo dates in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin. Billed as Brothers Of A Feather: An Acoustic Evening with Chris & Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes, the 12 concerts—all of which sold out in minutes—earned critical acclaim and were highlighted by three shows at The Roxy in Los Angeles, CA, highlights of which are contained on the double-LP, 14-track set, Brothers Of A Feather: Live At The Roxy. At these acoustic shows, Chris and Rich reached deep into their repertoire of Black Crowes favorites and also performed new songs (the previously unreleased “Magic Rooster Blues” and “Cold Boy Smile”) plus material from their respective solo catalogs (Chris’ “Someday Past The Sunset”; Rich’s “Forgiven Song” and “Leave It Alone”) and various covers. These full-length acoustic shows gave Chris and Rich the opportunity, as singers and songwriters, to lend a new intimacy to their body of material as well as the cover songs that are an integral part of Black Crowes live performances.

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2LP Black Vinyl

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