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Seth Walker
Time Can Change



Love Is Through With Me
Found Myself Lost
In The Meantime
Before It Breaks
I’ve Got A Thing For You
Wait A Minute
All This Love
Something’s Come Over Me
What Now
More Days Like This

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In the three years since his last album, Seth Walker moved to Nashville from Austin, wrote songs with friends new and old, and played many, many shows. And just like most people, he thought about life, about love, and about the changes you experience if you move away (both geographically and philosophically) to try your hand at something new. Indeed, Time Can Change, Walker’s seventh studio album is the sound of an artist moving beyond his comfort zone and challenging himself to walk fresh creative ground. Fans will still recognize the familiar rich tenor and down home blues guitar work, but this latest effort trades the studio sophistication of its more polished predecessor (2009’s Leap of Faith) for a grittier sound and more intimate approach to songwriting. “I never know what will be on the other side of a song or a session, but I sure do like what I have found in the corners of this album: a stripped down, intimate version of what I am as an artist at this point in my life,” says Walker. Songs like “Stronger Than You Need to Be” set the relaxed, organic tone of the album, featuring Steve Mackey’s supple bass and Derrek Phillips spare percussion. Matched by Seth’s acoustic guitar groove, this configuration is at the core of the album’s warm, loose vibe. With all the makings of a classic soul ballad, “In the Meantime” is a plea for a temporary stay to the inevitable heartache of incompatible love. And with Grammy Award-winner Gary Nicholson in the co-writer chair, the rollicking, light-hearted “More Days Like This,” with its catchy refrain, is an instant crowd pleaser. “This is the purest, most honest recording I have ever done as a singer. I just sang and played,” maintains Seth. “Time can definitely change, and this album is a case in point for me.” Seth Walker Time Can Change available now!

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