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Marco Benevento
Let it Slide



1. Let It Slide
2. Solid Gold
3. Baby Don’t Make Me Wait
4. Gaffiano #1
5. Say It’s All The Same
6. Humanz
7. Gaffiano #2
8. Send It On A Rocket
9. Lorraine
10. Nature’s Change
11. Oh Baby Can’t You See
12. You Got Away
13. Gaffiano #3

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“I’d never put my music so completely in someone else’s hands before,” says Marco Benevento. “I’d been hesitant to work with outside producers in the past, but the experience of making this record ended up being so freeing and exciting. I loved every single minute of it.”

It’s impossible not to hear that freedom and excitement and joy coursing through the veins of ‘Let It Slide,’ Benevento’s first new studio album in three years. Produced by Leon Michels (The Arcs, Lee Fields), the record introduces a gritty, soulful edge to Benvento’s brand of high-octane keyboard wizardry, an uptempo, uplifting sound he playfully describes as “hot dance piano rock.” For all Benevento’s virtuosity on the keys, though, the songs here are driven primarily by intoxicating grooves, with spare drums and minimalist bass lines underpinning infectious, intentionally lo-fi vocal hooks. The resulting vibe is a timeless one, filtering elements of vintage R&B and soul through modern indie rock and pop sensibilities and peppering it with the kind of adventurous improvisation that Benevento’s come to be celebrated for worldwide.

“This record has a really nice mix of what Leon does at his Diamond Mine studio and what I do at my Fred Short studio,” explains Benevento. “The final call on everything was always Leon’s, though, because I trusted him completely. If he had ideas about structures or arrangements, I just said yes without any hesitation.”

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