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Marco Benevento



1. Like Me
2. Marco & Mimo
3. At The End Or The Beginning
4. We Were Here
5. Winter Rose
6. Polysix
7. The Warm Up
8. Do You Want Some Magic
9. Mountain Cougars
10. Ballad Of A Broken Wing
11. Is This A Dream

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This summer, hallucinatory keyboard wizard Marco Benevento pulls back the curtain on his hazy home studio with Benevento — 40-minutes of small-batch psychedelia bubbled up from the base of the Catskill Mountains.

Titled as a nod to Paul McCartney’s first solo album, the record is a similarly loose, low-key affair. Like Macca’s eponymous release, Benevento is a solo work, where song sketches and sunrise jams share space with more constructed tracks.

With few exceptions — guest percussion from Mamadouba ‘Mimo’ Camara on a handful of songs, and backing vocal appearances by his wife and kids — Benevento played all of the in-struments. He also produced and engineered the album, all from Fred Short Studios, located at his Woodstock, NY home.

“This record really acts as a psychedelic window into my studio and my brain,” Benevento says.

Recording was conducted amidst stacks of gear in varying states of repair, all fodder for inspi-ration during long quarantine-dictated solo jam sessions.

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Classic Black 180-Gram Vinyl, Limited Edition Pink 180-Gram Vinyl

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