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Seth Walker

Seth Walker

"Your Van Is On Fire"

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‘Your Van Is On Fire’ is a riotous and charming melange of a touring musician’s meandering life. Part memoir, part meditation and part art gallery, Seth Walker’s first book shares a series of one-of-a-kind, personal accounts of his time spent in perpetual motion searching for the muse. It’s ironic that the quarantine surrounding the 2020 pandemic which ground so many artists’ careers to a halt was the impetus for Walker’s most ambitious artistic endeavor, which involved conceptualizing a narrative for the many short essays, poems and paintings he’d accumulated over a near 30-year career.

“I was not expecting to write this book. It just happened. When the world stopped due to the Pandemic, there I was sitting at my desk staring out of the window in mid-ponder. These stories had been percolating under the surface for years and when I was finally still enough, they made themselves known. I worked for six months straight, somewhat obsessed,” says Walker. “I wanted to bottle this up and make this book available before years end as a testament to the one fruitful creation that flowered out of one of the hardest and strangest years of my life. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!”

Edited by poet and essayist Leslie LaChance, with a foreword by singer/songwriter Oliver Wood, the collection recounts Walker’s early years growing up in a musical family on a Quaker commune in rural North Carolina, to his discovery of the blues guitar of T-Bone Walker, and his coming of age as an artist. The book centers on his life making music in the southern love triangle of Austin, Nashville, and New Orleans, and includes some hilarious, contemplative, and wild tales from the driver’s seat of the van and other random locales. So jump up in, and go for a ride. Bring matches and a fire extinguisher. You will need both.

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