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Nathan Moore
Folk Singer



Hard Times
Bending Spoons
Travelin' On
Everybody Dreams
I Can Make You Smile
Invisible Guy
All I Can Do Is Dance

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Nathan Moore is a folk singer. For that, he makes no apologies. Some would shrink from the connotation that such a label might convey, but on his new EP, Moore, quite matter-of-factly, calls it as he sees it- Folk Singer. Writing and recording the album near his home in the Shenandoah Valley, he gives life to the tales of regular people, himself included, trying to find a place in the world. His empathy and honesty proves, unmistakably, the value of folk songs in a modern age.

On the album’s centerpiece, “Hard Times,” more sings: “Hard times ain’t just some old folk song, well no, hard times, they’re still going on.” In one simple lyric, he encompasses the timeless tradition that runs from Woody Guthrie to Bob Dylan to Sam Beam to Conor Oberst. As long as there’s trouble in the world, the world needs folk singers like Nathan Moore to sing folks through it.

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