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Nathan Moore
Dear Puppeteer



Like a Cartoon
Safe to Say
Dear Puppeteer
In the Basement
A Little Crazy
I’m the Same
The Garden
Can’t Fly to Heaven
When My Time Comes
Train of Thoughts
Choose Thy Love
I’m Good Company

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“The sharp, introspective lyrics of Nathan Moore draw an instant connection to the great folk singers of the past” – Paste Magazine

“Many have come and many have tried, but we may finally have a storytelling successor to Dylan, Van Zandt and Cash.” – Maverick Magazine

Dear Puppeteer is a letter in 12 songs from Nathan Moore to fear, mortality, the righteous, the jailor, lost love and lost time—or more simply put, the puppet masters. “Gonna write a letter, dear puppeteer, I don’t want to play here, I don’t wanna stay here,” he sings in the title track’s refrain. From this opening plea it’s apparent that a restless spirit is at work. Nathan’s warm fingerpicked acoustic guitar, ghostly harmonica gales, ancient ukulele meditations and tobacco-stained vocals are inhabited by a poet seeking something more, while giving song to humanity in all its beauty and sadness.

Dear Puppeteer is a crowning achievement from the Staunton, VA-based singer and songwriter. The recording was split between Nathan’s Shenandoah Valley home with producer, engineer and guitarist Bryan Elijah Smith, as well as out West at his old Santa Fe, New Mexico stomping grounds, Frogville Studios. The album, his ninth to date, follows 2009’s well-received EP, Folk Singer. Moore, who first came to national attention with ThaMuseMeant, is also currently a member of the revered American rock band Surprise Me Mr. Davis.

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