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Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams
Live At Levon’s!


1. Let Us Get Together
2. Surrender To Love
3. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
4. Angel Of Darkness
5. Darling Be Home Soon
6. I Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow
7. Success
8. Caravan
9. When I Stop Loving You
10. Old Dangerfield
11. Big River
12. It Ain’t Gonna Be A Good Night

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In the fall of 2019, after months of touring, Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams, celebrated with a jubilant live recording at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY and big plans for the following year.  The pandemic changed everything, globally and close to home. Larry, after performing at New York’s Beacon Theatre woke up on March 16th in Woodstock coughing and feverish. After a diagnosis of Covid, he was left to quarantine alone in Woodstock while Teresa was stuck quarantined and worrying in New York City. After a harrowing couple of weeks Larry’s fever broke. “For the past two weeks, I’ve been struggling to stay alive,” Larry told Rolling Stone magazine.

Fast forward to Autumn 2022:  Larry and Teresa rejoin their audience “live and in person,” planning the rollout of Live at Levon’s! The album is a souvenir for fans of the duo’s powerful live shows, featuring unreleased new songs, old favorites that allow the band to stretch out, plus some unexpected cover tunes.

As accomplished as they are in the studio, onstage is where it all comes together for Larry & Teresa. “I’ll never forget the first time I experienced this as a child and knew my lot in life was set,” says Teresa. “The only reason I am a singer is because of the indefinable spark that happens with the giving and receiving of your most intimate selves, back and forth, between the artist on stage and the audience there in the room. The only reason. If I can’t see the audience because of lighting, it almost becomes even more spiritual, because it’s all just feeling them — us together in the moment. And each performance/audience has its own personality. If you can drop the thinking and just ‘be’ with them and this sharing of your most intimate selves, there’s no describing the transcendence. Recording is only an excuse to get to bring the material to a live audience.”

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CD, 2-LP 180-Gram Vinyl

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