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Ghost Light
The Healing



1. The Healing
2. Faces In The Moon
3. Take Some Time
4. Up Here Forever
5. Opening Credits
6. Sweet Unlimited
7. Dig A Hole
8. Goodnight

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“The story is less the fallout as it is the recovery” says Tom Hamilton.  “Sticking with it. Staying the course in the face of adversity, uncomfortable conversations or situations. The path to health and healing is often not the path of least resistance but the path of perseverance and doing the work.”

For their sophomore studio album, The Healing, the band succumbed to a chaotic and constant state of change and that is where their story in The Healing begins.

“​​Culturally, I find these are some interesting times when it comes to mental health, healing and traumas,” says Tom Hamilton.   “It’s ok to talk about now. Encouraged, even. Historically, not so much the case from when I was learning what it meant to grow and be an adult. This cultural shift is a welcome change in expectation.”

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