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Holly Bowling
"The Wedge" + “Twist" Reimagined For Solo Piano


“The Wedge” (7/20/14)
“Twist” (10/23/2013)

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The second vinyl release in Holly Bowling‘s continuing series of solo piano jam transcriptions features Phish‘s “The Wedge” from Northerly Island on July 20, 2014 and “Twist” from Glens Falls, NY on October 23, 2013. Pressed on 150-gram red transparent vinyl and featuring album artwork from a linocut print by Isadora Bullock, the release will only be available as a 500 unit limited edition pressing.

Holly Bowling is a classically trained pianist who began playing piano at the age of five. There’s one major distinction, however, that separates her from other similarly studied musicians. That is Holly’s devotion to the legendary rock band Phish. Having attended over 300 shows by the Burlington-based quartet, she began transcribing their music for solo classical piano. Her first full length album was entitled, ‘Distillation Of A Dream: The Music of Phish Reimagined for Solo Piano.’ It was followed by “Tahoe Tweezer,” a limited edition vinyl exclusive release. “The Wedge”/“Twist,” is the second edition from this series of solo piano jam transcriptions.

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150 Gram Transparent Red Vinyl

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