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The Changer


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Side A: The Changer
Side B: Ignored

EP Track Listing

1. Hellow
2. The Changer
3. Ignored
4. Blind Love
5. Orion’s Belt

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“The Changer” is a collection of uptempo electric nuggets and colorful fuzz laden outbursts from Evolfo made for the real psych and garage heads. This little album can be regarded as a companion piece (or perhaps the snotty younger sibling) to Evolfo’s latest LP “Site Out of Mind,” as it was mostly recorded and mixed during those very same sessions.

While sequencing “Site Out of Mind,” Evolfo found that these tracks stood out too boldly and recklessly for the flow of the LP, but they were much too fun and beguiling to be put to rest forever. Dubbed “The Changer,” it’s a fitting description for Evolfo, showcasing the band continuing to do what they do best: boldly changing and changing, trying on new sounds, exploring little pockets of the sonic cosmos and coming back with something different every time.

“My initial reaction to these songs being left off of the LP was one of disappointment, even though I knew it was the right decision for the flow of ‘Site Out of Mind’. These recordings, ‘The Changer’ in particular, had become some of my favorites from the whole batch,” explains Evolfo’s Matt Gibbs. “However the intention was always to release them later and when I heard these songs together on their own release I knew it was meant to be this way. ‘The Changer’ makes an outrageously fun and boisterous romp composed of catchy ear worms dug up from deep in Evolfo’s subconscious dream dirt. It’s full of hellfire, electricity, and cosmic spirits and this thing is a little monster that stands up great on its own.”

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16-Bit WAV Download, Black 7” Vinyl, Purple w/ Black Swirl Transparent 7”

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