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Last of the Acid Cowboys


Track Listing:

1. Vision of Sin
2. Moon Eclipsed the Sun
3. Science
4. Bloody Bloody Knife
5. Don’t Give Up Your Mind
6. Luv Like A Freak
7. Rat City
8. Frank the Fiddler
9. Last of the Acid Cowboys
10. Peachy

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Evolfo is the sound that breaks through the fuzz on the low end of your radio dial and echoes out the back door of a pink neon lit bar. Mainstays of New York City’s clubs and DIY spaces, as well as the finest basement venues coast to coast, Evolfo has cut wide tracks through the U.S., gaining initiates and devotees every time they cram onto a stage and deliver their raucous live show. ‘Last of the Acid Cowboys,’ the band’s debut LP, melts down decades worth of eclectic and bizarro records and puts on wax a house shaking mix of garage rock, psych soul, spiritual funk and ecstatic freakout.

Like the faithful crate-diggers who have come before them, Evolfo mined the past for sounds and grooves that history left on a dusty shelf. When they breathe their smoke into these forms, it produces something that couldn’t have existed before. In a few short years together, Evolfo have drawn the attention of indie rock tastemakers with their songs being selected for several films and television shows, inclusion on Spotify playlists and praise from media outlets like Impose Magazine who declared, “you fall into the depths of the lyrics within seconds” and Speak Into My Good Eye who called the band, “raucous, dark, sinister, with a warm-psych-soul energy.”

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CD, 180-Gram Black Vinyl, Limited Edition Peachy Color Vinyl, LP

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