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Circles Around The Sun



Third Sunrise Over Gliese 667
The Singularity
Outer Boroughs
Away Team
Language (ft. Mikaela Davis)

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On Circles Around The Sun’s fourth studio album ‘Language,” the band traverse even deeper into the annals of outer-spacial dance grooves that first surfaced on 2020’s self-titled release. The new material finds them oscillating through hybrid strains of disco-funk, soul jazz and psychedelic rock, harnessing their stylistic lanes into a singular, intoxicating brew.

The four reconvened in the studio to lay down a record that offers a window into what and where Circles Around The Sun are today. ‘Language’ is the sound of a rock band confidently writing the next chapter of their story. CATS is a unit brought closer and made stronger having persevered through unthinkable tragedy, weathering the stormy seas to continue onward and upward with humble grace and subtle swagger.

The group, known for their genre-bending skills, pays tribute to their origins while introducing their first body of work with now full-time guitarist John Lee Shannon. The album sequence will take fans on a psychedelic journey to a place of refuge, celebration, and peace, reflective of the band’s own journey.

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