Side A: Mountains of the Moon
I love “Mountains Of The Moon” for its baroque qualities, the very strange lyrics, and it’s just a great melody, plain and simple. There’s a fantastic line, “The earth will see you on through this time,” that really connects with me. It’s also a one of a kind song for The Grateful Dead. It doesn’t resemble anything that came before or after it. The Dead usually had a few of a certain kind of song, but with “Mountains,” there was only one. – Neal Casal

Side B: Grimes’ Surf Story
The inspiration behind “Grimes’ Surf Story” is a great writer and musician named Jeff Grimes. He lives in Ventura County, California and has been surfing this area since the ‘60s. The song was written thinking about the stories he’s told me of growing up in this area and witnessing life’s changes through the decades. I was also hoping to capture some of the spirit of influences like Robbie Basho, Peter Walker and John Fahey, but at the same time bring a fresh twist to working within that tradition. So I asked Adam MacDougall to do his thing on Clav, which brings something totally different to that style and really sets the piece apart for me. – Neal Casal