this was great night . . we’d been touring the record (Swift) for about 7 months so the energy was high on stage . . plus for some odd reason the venue wanted to do a masquerade ball so everyone in the audience was wearing masks and lookin freaky . . our friend even came up on stage and danced for an extended Limbs Of A Pine . . .oh. . and it was a full moon . . oh geez. . yes you can hear it all here. . . we tested out two new tunes that will be on our upcoming record The Story Of Fred Short . . . and we wound up, on a whim, sequeing RISD and Let’s Spend The Night Together (the Bowie version) at the end of the show. That even surprised us while we were playing through that! Thank you everyone for making that night such a memorable show.

Thank you Signal Kitchen, thank you Burlington – thank you Dave Andy Dan and Jeff !

See you OUT THERE !