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You Only Get A Few


Side A:
1. Lovers & Friends
2. Catalpa
3. Auntie
4. Patty’s Diner
5. Befriend
Side B:
6. Metaxy
7. Sally
8. I’ll Come Around
10. Everything Changes

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Transitions are both inevitable and startling—like a scenic drive before a hairpin bend, an abrupt storm, a rediscovered love. For Upstate, the past three years have been a litany of transitions as members Mary Webster, Melanie Glenn, Harry D’Agostino and Dylan McKinstry patiently navigated the unfolding hurdles of the pandemic and some of life’s most pivotal moments. Amid a whirlwind of marriages, babies, funerals, and spiritual awakenings, mourning and celebration, was a long, uncertain pause. This restful time apart from the demands of the road fostered for Upstate the chance to make a record that could touch on every corner of their lives, a deeply honest portrait.

Over the past eleven years, Upstate has garnered acclaim for their effortless and genre-dodging arrangements, which flourished on two previous albums A Remedy (2015) and Healing (2019). The group swelled with members, traveled the country on a national headlining tour, and secured support slots with The Felice Brothers, Marco Benevento, Lake Street Dive, Mt. Joy, and the Wood Brothers. Upstate now welcomes multi-instrumentalist Dylan McKinstry, who engineered, mixed, and, along with Mary Webster, produced their third full length album, You Only Get A Few.


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180-Gram Vinyl, 180-Gram Vinyl LP + ‘Healing’ Vinyl LP

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