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The Dead Kenny Gs
Gorelick Limited Edition 12"

Kill The Poor
Trivial Assault
Punk Rock Girlfriend
Daddy Issues

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The Dead Kenny Gs have made their punk rock masterpiece. A 17-minute EP, Gorelick. Not one more second is needed as the DKGs stampede their way through six tracks, like “Beer,” “Daddy Issues” and “Punk Rock Girlfriend.” There’s a bruising rendition of their namesake, The Dead Kennedys, “Kill The Poor.” Gorelickwill be released on vinyl as a limited pressing with only 500 copies being issued, after which the recording will be available solely as a digital download. The combustible punk jazz trio featuring saxophonist Skerik, bassist Brad Houser and vocalist/vibraphonist/drummer Mike Dillon have garnered a fanatical cult fan-base over years of incessant touring and critical praise, as well as through related projects like Garage A Trois, Critters Buggin and Mike Dillon’s Go-Go Jungle.

“Given its play-on-words moniker that simultaneously drives a sock down the mouth of smooth-jazz king Kenny G and recalls the early ’80s hardcore-punk band The Dead Kennedys, the powerhouse trio taps into a sound that fuses jazz and punk. It’s a crazy mix played intensely by a group that has the skill and knowledge to pull it off.” Alarm Magazine

“Dead Kenny Gs is a definitive statement of purpose: a resolute denunciation of all-things artificial. Skerik and his compatriots use their un-compromised art to draw an aesthetic line in the sand at the expense of crass commercialization that contaminates our art, our food, and what passes for our political discourse. It’s fun, fearless, and, if you are the ass-shaking type, you can get down accordingly.” Popmatters

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