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Surprise Me Mr. Davis

Surprise Me Mr. Davis

That Man Eats Morning for Breakfast

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THAT MAN EATS MORNING FOR BREAKFAST, also known to fans as the “demo sessions,” took a circuitous route from seed to market. Nathan Moore explains: “I was on my way with Marc Friedman to Montreal where we were going to record in Brad and Andrew Barr’s new studio. Unfortunately, I got turned away at the border. We soon found ourselves back in Burlington, Vermont drinking in a bar. Brett Hughes, a local musician there, was like ‘just come into my barn studio and do it.’ So Brad and Andrew came down this way and we ended up recording there all week at Brett’s house. We got all these tracks done and then we went back into another studio and tried to work them up even bigger, but we started to feel that we were exceeding our initial ideas by trying to make them too big. In the end we reverted back to the original demos. They had the raw spirit and energy we were trying to capture. So now it is finally seeing the light of day.”

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