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Mike Dillon
Functioning Broke



1. Half Right
2. The Enchanted Sea
3. Alameda
4. Christian Brothers
5. Single File
6. Needle and the Damage Done
7. Independence Day
8. Between the Bars
9. Friendship
10. Bachelor Pad
11. Chimp and Flower
12. Tabla Goodnight

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Over the past decade, Mike Dillon has released a slew of acclaimed albums, intertwining a vast range of influences, from Zappe-esque eccentricity to Fishbone punk funk, from DC Go-Go to Milt Jackson-esqe vibraphone majesty. Never before, however, has he recorded music so personal and committed to a sustained mood. ‘Functioning Broke‘ presents Dillon alone on vibraphone and percussion, building each song into its own minimalist sonic daydream. The choice of material distinguishes the collection even further as he reimagines six Elliott Smith compositions, including “Behind The Bars,” “Christian Brothers” and “Independence Day,” Neil Young’s “The Needle & The Damage Done,” Martin Denny’s “The Enchanted Sea” as well as four originals, most notably “Chimp & Flower” and “Tabla Goodnight.” Intent on psychedelic splendor and sparked by songs that speak to the highs and lows of Dillon’s tireless pursuit of muse and craft, the record is destined to attract even more people into the ever-growing fold of one this generation’s most consistently compelling musicians.

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