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Kenny Roby



1. New Day
2. Only Once
3. Leave It Behind
4. I Call Everybody Buddy
5. Married to a Train
6. Sailor’s Request
7. I Don’t Believe It’s Magic
8. What’s Happenin’ Here
9. God-Sized Hole
10. Ain’t Your Baby No More
11. Suzanne
12. Working on a New House

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When you close your eyes and listen to Kenny Roby’s self-titled album, you can imagine an alternate world where Roby channels Leonard Cohen. Only in that dimension, Cohen is moonlighting as a southern culinarian where his deft touch knows just how much vinegar is needed to keep things from getting too sweet. He keeps the ingredients simple and lets them simmer precisely as long and slow as needed.

In more literal terms, Kenny Roby has become quite adept at finding the quiet space between beauty and sadness in a song. From Roby’s earliest days as a musician fronting 6 String Drag, he was labeled an “old soul.” Someone who had lived countless lives and regaled listeners with stories of those adventures. Or in another reality, Roby is the troubadour version of Hermes in Greek mythology (or Mercury in Roman tales), carrying souls to their final resting place, but learning some of their secrets along the journey and carrying their tales in his songs.

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CD, 180-Gram Black Vinyl

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