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Jenny Scheinman & Allison Miller
Parlour Game



1. Play Money
2. 116th & Congress
3. The Right Fit
4. Michigan
5. Fake Weather
6. Lead With Love
7. Beans & Rice
8. Meanwhile
9. Top Shelf
10. Miss Battle’s Cannonball
11. Sleep Rider

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When two of the indie-jazz scene’s foremost instrumentalists unite for their debut co-writing collaboration that intermingles panoramic Americana-infused arrangements with a Brooklyn jazz pocket, the result is as ambitious as only violinist Jenny Scheinman and drummer Allison Miller could envision. Parlour Game, due out Aug. 2 on Royal Potato Family Records in advance of the quartet’s highly anticipated Newport Jazz Festival performance (Aug. 3), features a compositional sisterhood of two innovators redefining American music. Along with pianist Carmen Staaf and acoustic bassist Tony Scherr, Parlour Game prevails as a respite from the daily chaos of the modern world. This is social music that celebrates hopefulness, humor, and the art of the game. Collectively, the three leading women jazz artists and Scherr send out a calling card for listeners to take a deep breath, and wholeheartedly enter their sonic haven for a moment of joy and solace.

After nearly two decades of working side-by-side in their own projects as bandleaders as well as with a laundry list of lauded artists, Miller and Scheinman’s cosmic connectivity is akin to being of the same pedigree. At the core of Parlour Game is very much the music played amongst families in parlors. They are songs that bind, and are unapologetically beautiful. Parlour Game features 11 original compositions celebrating American musical traditions at a time when the country is on the brink of a revolution. Scheinman and Miller provide a special gathering place where all are welcome, a contemporary parlor where people can reflect and reenergize.

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