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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Lil’ Tae Rides Again


1. Autumnal
2. Winter Clothes
3. Tether Ball Triumph
4. Carpool
5. Tae Parade
6. Santiago Lends A Hand
7. Walking The Reluctant Genius
8. Scuffle In The Hallway
9. The Votes Are Counted
10. Recovering The Time Capsule

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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey re-awakens with their most idiosyncratic album yet, Lil Tae Rides Again. The fearless trio from Tulsa Oklahoma appeared for only a handful of tour dates and summer festivals in 2007. Rumors swirled among fans regarding the reasons for such scarcity. JFJO s intent, however, was never in question. They simply went underground to create music on their own terms, in their own universe, on their own timetable.

The trio enlisted eccentric electronic music futurist Tae Meyulks to produce. He shared in the trio s vision to record an album awash in sprawling soundscapes, minimalist melodies and subliminal themes.

Lil Tae Rides Again achieves its intent, an Eno-esque masterwork that offers a sustaining aura of ethereal splendor. As on previous efforts, JFJO define themselves
as a mercurial musical force in a constant state of re-imagining their creative horizons. The beauty in JFJO s self-definition is that they are utterly un-definable. Lil Tae Rides Again, but better still, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey rides again.

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