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Howlin Rain
Under the Wheels / Live From the Coasts, Vol 1



1. To The Wind
2. Missouri
3. Death Prayer
4. Goodbye Ruby
5. Coming Down

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Under the wheels vol1 is the first in a new series of limited edition Howlin Rain live albums, intended to be a direct exchange/ conversation with fans. A no-rules, anything goes series culled from multi-track live recordings made on the road.

Vol 1, “Live from the Coasts” leans heavily to the bands more expansive and improvisational side and is the first of a 2-part curation of the band’s personal favorites of East Coast and West Coast performances in 2018-19.

“No matter how accomplished a studio album a band makes there is still something even more elevated and relatable about a live performance captured well. The audience and musicians engaged in an ecstatic, emotional dance together, the sound of light-speed group creativity under heavy pressure, feats of improvised melody and feel beyond expectation and of course the raw edges, rough corners and deeply human sound of artists completely exposed in the high temp firing and fusing of their hopes, risks, vulnerabilities and ultimately triumphs of imperfection and musical joyride’s beyond conscious imagination. That’s my favorite place for Howlin Rain to be and my intention with the live series is to open a spigot between the fans and these captured live adventures and to leave it open as an ongoing conversation about our spiritual dance together.” — Ethan Miller

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