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Edward David Anderson
Lies & Wishes



Lies & Wishes
Lost & Found
Son Of A Plumber
Pins & Needles
Taking It Out On You
I Missed You
Nothing Lasts Forever
Chain Reaction
The Next Melody

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Edward David Anderson Lies & Wishes available now! Edward David Anderson is an artist as ancient as he is modern. In a time when the music business flails about, grasping at any new trend that will save its sinking ship, he exists far beyond its confines. Best known for his work with the revered Midwestern rock band Backyard Tire Fire who released a string of acclaimed albums in the previous decade, Anderson returns to the national stage with his anticipated solo debut, Lies & Wishes. Produced by Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin, it finds Anderson creating his own mythology through a collection of songs that embrace vulnerability, while rooted in his working class aesthetic. Anderson sings, “I’m the son of a plumber, from a God fearing mother.” The lyric says much about where the story begins for him as an artist.

Anderson was born and raised just west of Chicago and lives a simple life, spending winters in an RV alongside the Gulf of Mexico in lower Alabama. He’s an American songwriter on an existential quest seeking and searching through his songs. His musings on love and loss, struggle and hope are a soundtrack for fellow travelers. Songs like “Lies & Wishes” “Lost & Found” and “Chain Reaction” delve deep into the human condition, asking difficult questions of himself and his loved ones. Indeed, many of the songs were written following the passing of his mother.

Musically speaking, the core of Lies & Wishes is built around refined melodies, acoustic guitars and sparse arrangements, yet Berlin’s production colors the tracks with squalls of electric guitar, affected vocals, drum loops and assorted analog keyboard flourishes. It should also be noted that fans of Anderson’s vintage rock and roll songwriting from his Backyard Tire Fire days will find plenty to love on tunes like “Nothing Lasts Forever,” “Taking It Out On You” and “The Next Melody,” as they deliver the big hooks and classic refrains on which Anderson so effortlessly hangs his hat.

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