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Circles Around the Sun
Interludes For The Dead



Side A
Hallucinate a Solution

Side B
Gilbert’s Groove
Farewell Franklins (2nd Cycle)

Side C
Kasey’s Bones

Side D
Space Wheel

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— Limited Edition – 5,000 Copies
— “Pacific Blue” Vinyl
— Double LP
— Reissued In Honor Of Neal Casal
— Gatefold Sleeve

Circles Around The Sun was formed when Neal Casal enlisted Adam MacDougall, Dan Horne, and Mark Levy to record soundscapes and grooves inspired by the Grateful Dead for the band’s 2015 Fare Thee Well shows. All of the music was written collectively during a marathon two-day recording session, with nothing prepared beforehand or added afterward. When the music was revealed during the set breaks of Fare Thee Well, it was clear the one-off project had a future of its own. The quartet agreed to continue together and officially released these initial recordings as their debut album, ‘Interludes For The Dead.’

Tragically, Casal passed away in August 2019. Per Casal’s wishes, Circles Around The Sun has continued to record and tour. The group recently added guitarist John Lee Shannon as a permanent member. It’s a fitting choice as Shannon was among Casal’s favorite young guitar players.

This limited-edition 2-LP vinyl version of CATS’ debut was reissued in 2022 as a limited run of 5,000 copies on 140-gram Pacific-blue vinyl. The color is a tribute to the band’s late founder Neal Casal, who loved the ocean and took the photo of the Pacific Ocean featured inside the album’s gatefold sleeve.

“Given the cultural pressure cooker Circles Around the Sun were inside to make this record, Interludes for the Dead is remarkable, not only as a series of of jams inspired by the Grateful Dead, but on its own merit. If a listener is at all open to music created in the moment, pushing itself as far as it will logically go – and far beyond – this is two and a half hours of pure pleasure.“ – AllMusic

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2-LP Pacific Blue Limited Edition Vinyl

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