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Blanc Du Blanc

Blanc Du Blanc

The Blanc Album

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1. The Friday Why Dub
2. What’s The Odds Dub
3. Ethno Forgery Dub
4. Outerspace Dub
5. El Style Dub
6. Traffic Signals Dub
7. Chariot Dub
8. Zamboni Dub
9. Kapow! Dub
10. Change Our Head Dub
11. Joe Harvard Dub
12. JAHJAH! Dub
13. Cometh Dub

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The whole idea for Blanc du Blanc is one of sonic exploration and experimentation. The dub and reggae bonafides are the real deal — the project has been blessed by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.” – MixMag

Featuring Marco Benevento, Dana Colley (Morphine, Vapors of Morphine), Chuck Treece (MC Rad, The Bad Brains, The Goats), Kevin Salem and Chris Harford.

Created by an undercover artist working as an agent for Monrovia, Blanc du Blanc is a heteronym—an imagined character at present caped and masked. It is the face of a klatch of musicians who’ll be releasing a trilogy of mostly instrumental dub records on vinyl in the next six months. The first is ‘The Blanc Album,’ a thirteen-song double LP (running at 45 rpm) replete with a full-color poster.

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