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Billy Martin

Billy Martin

'G U I L T Y'

$ 30.00


Side A
1. In Doubly
2. Home Beat Home
3. Proceedance
4. Thieves
5. Geek Love
6. Montaukett Sky

Side B
7. Hair Braid
8. Lonely Surf
9. Across The Street
10. Xporto
11. Tides


Billy Martin‘s new album ‘G U I L T Y’ is arguably his finest solo work yet. The recording began as a series of iPhone videos spontaneously posted to Instagram, which would ultimately lead to a defined concept for a collection of improvised compositions. Making his debut on bass, the Medeski Martin & Wood founder uses simple loops and drum grooves to build what he calls “a strong vibe.” Featuring guest instrumentalists Marc Ribot, John Medeski, Alexandria Smith, Jen Liu, Rob Reinfurt and Martin Dosh, Glide Magazine raves that the album is “simultaneously (and equally) hypnotizing and tranquilizing,” while Live For Live Music calls it “deep listening.”

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