Sedona, Arizona’s decker. returns on the heels of last year’s “Born to Wake Up” with an inspired live concert recording, ‘Greetings All Ye Playful Prisoners of Spacetime,’ set for release October 25 via Royal Potato Family.

An evening with decker. is part rock ‘n’ roll concert, part traveling salvation show and a healthy dose of desert psychedelia. It’s designed to move souls, to leave its grooves on listeners, to elevate the collective consciousness of the audience through the music and the words of the lead visionary himself, Brandon Decker. This is what his following has come to expect of him: frontman meets mystic desert preacher. Though there is no religion being spoken of, there is a gospel according to decker. That gospel is love and forgiveness and transcendence and it’s all there in a nightly prayer.

“This album is the sum total of my life and its movements with music; from buying my first tape in the 3rd grade through, year after year, making the best records resources allow and then taking it to the road at any cost, while doing all things conceivable and inconceivable to share the deepest parts of me, both musical and cellular,” explains Decker.

The album’s content is a swirling combination of original material spanning decker.’s decade long existence paired with re-imagined cover material retrofitted to the band’s inimitable sound. Often the lines between the two are blurred and one gets lost in the cosmic whirl of it all—engulfed in the sounds that PopMatters describes as, “a cosmic spirituality that feels unmistakably like the vast, mystic mountain regions of northern Arizona” and what Paste Magazine proclaims, “the perfect backdrop for cruising down desert backroads.”

decker.’s treatment of The Stooges’ classic “I Wanna Be Your Dog” serves as one of the more electric moments of what was a nearly three hour set, carried by Amber Johnson‘s right hand on driving, hypnotic keys. Much of the evening’s material is comprised of last year’s, ‘Born To Wake Up,’ and 2016’s ‘Snake River Blues‘—the two records that define the current sound of the band, and the visions inside Brandon Decker’s mind. There were also nods to the classic decker. album ‘Patsy,’ allowing nostalgia its place alongside the raw soul power and spiritual depth of more recent material like “Burnin’ Grass” or “The Holy Ghost.”

Wherever decker. performs they conjure a scene, a night, a spectacle as beautiful and cosmic as this. The evening is captured here for all to appreciate, to replicate in their mind’s eye, if only as a shadow of the celebratory time that was had by all who experienced it in person. Witness here the decker. traveling salvation show, less sweaty at home on record than in person, but equally elevating, so that in Decker’s words, the listener “might have a moment of peace, relief, inspiration, hope or joy on account of it.”

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