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Grayson Capps – ‘Scarlett Roses’ – OUT NOW!

Grayson Capps – ‘Scarlett Roses’ – OUT NOW!

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“A riveting album that proves Grayson Capps is one of Americana’s most talented and under recognized artists.”American Songwriter

“[Scarlett Roses] displays the depth of emotion and intellect that Capps has long demonstrated in his music, and his dedication to its ethos. It is essential listening.”No Depression

“…these nine songs are chock-full of Capps’ poetic lyricism, and raw, rumbling grooves that meld Gulf Coast country, edgy garage rock (think Crazy Horse in their prime), folk, and blues.”All Music

“…if it takes six years for a brilliant album like Scarlett Roses, well fucking so be it!”Trainwreckd Society

Grayson Capps’ new full-length album ‘Scarlett Roses’ is OUT NOW! The nine-track effort is the acclaimed Alabama-based songwriter’s sixth studio recording and his first solo release in six years.

“A lot of these songs came to me the way dreams do, where all these different bits and pieces from all these different parts of life come together,” Capps explains. “I would pick up the guitar and things would come to me naturally because I wasn’t actually trying to make a record.”

Listen to “Thankful” off the brand new album: