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Brian Haas & Matt Chamberlain :: Frames

Brian Haas & Matt Chamberlain :: Frames

Brian Haas & Matt Chamberlain | Frames

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Frames succeeds in a purely musical way…From one moment to the next, the pieces capitalize on both the eeriness of dissonant sparsity and the freneticism of precise polyrhythms.” – Santa Fe New Mexican

“Together, the duo work through the eleven, often forceful pieces in perfect accord…there are many passages of up-tempo unison fireworks and they are as thrilling to listen to as Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie delivering a tricky bop theme in precise unison. At lower temperatures the mood is bittersweet-romantic and may put you in mind of singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley.” – All About Jazz

“Ultimately, Frames is about discreet emotions and the creation of textures to portray those emotions..being able to compose and render music with depth and subtle sophistication that can’t be easily pigeonholed has to qualify as a successful venture for Brian Haas and Matt Chamberlain.” – Something Else Reviews


Brian Haas & Josh Raymer play Frames
Sat. Oct. 19 | Guthrie Green | Tulsa, OK w/ Booomclap

Brian Haas & Scott Amendola play Frames
Tues. Oct. 22 | Slow & Low | Santa Fe, NM
Wed. Oct. 23 | Slow & Low | Santa Fe, NM
Thurs. Oct. 24 | The Laughing Goat | Boulder, CO
Fri. Oct. 25 | Moxi Theater | Greeley, CO
Sat. Oct. 26 | Oriental Theater | Denver, CO
Fri. Nov. 1 | The Royal Room | Seattle, WA (Earshot Jazz Festival)
Sat. Nov. 2 | The Goodfoot | Portland, OR w/ Crack Sabbath & McTuff
Tue. Nov. 5 | Jambalaya | Arcata, CA
Wed. Nov. 6 | 50 Mason Social House | San Francisco, CA
Thu. Nov. 7 | Duende | Oakland, CA
Fri. Nov. 8 | Blue Whale | Los Angeles, CA

Brian Haas & Allison Miller play Frames
Thu. Dec. 5 | Rockwood Music Hall | New York, NY
Fri. Dec. 6 | The Lily Pad | Boston, MA
Sat. Dec. 7 | Radio Bean | Burlington, VT
Sun. Dec. 8 | World Café Live | Philadelphia, PA