Album Releases


American Babies have premiered their video for “Goddamn” with Popmatters.

The Babies have also unveiled plans for Stark & Red, a new 6-track EP available April 1. The collection explores the band’s acoustic side, including a handful of stripped-down versions of songs that also appear on their latest full-length album, Knives & Teeth.

Here’s what Tommy Hamilton has to say about it: “In the middle of recording Knives & Teeth, I booked a few solo acoustic shows to get myself out of the studio. It gave me a chance to change my ears by having to arrange songs for just one guitar and to keep it interesting. I had recently started hanging with a fellow Philly musician Ginger Coyle and thought it would be cool to get her voice involved with my music. She learned some tunes and as soon as we sang together I knew I wanted to document it. We set up in a room with two microphones, hit record, and blew through a bunch of Babies songs. The songs on Stark & Red were all first or second takes; we didn’t over think any of it. Ginger and I did the vocals in a day, and it took us about two days to add the outside instruments. The result is a loose and lovely collection of music that came together with a few friends trying to keep busy and warm in the winter months.”

American Babies will also be touring heavily this Winter and Spring. Check out the dates here.